Transforming Live Experiences with Tanzohub: A Next-Gen Interactive Event Platform


In the dynamic landscape of live events, Tanzohub emerges as a revolutionary platform, redefining audience engagement and interaction.

Unlike traditional events where spectators merely observe, Tanzohub transforms participants into active contributors, creating an immersive and shared experience.

Utilizing cutting-edge real-time video rendering technology, Tanzohub seamlessly integrates audience members into events through their smartphones. Attendees’ video feeds are mapped onto animated avatars, projecting a metaverse-like environment on large displays, breaking down physical and virtual participation barriers.

Key Features and Benefits

Immersive Participation

Tanzohub transcends traditional spectatorship by making attendees active participants, impacting the performance and energy of the event directly.

Social Connection

Attendees engage visually through animated avatars, fostering a sense of community and social bonding akin to being physically present.

Gamification and Rewards

Gaming principles, including points, badges, and leaderboards, incentivize participation, adding an element of fun and competition to the experience.

Data and Analytics

Tanzohub captures real-time data and analytics on attendee participation, providing organizers valuable insights to optimize future events.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Accessible across devices, from smartphones to large displays, Tanzohub accommodates various event setups, ensuring broad global attendee access.

Audiences at Scale

Tanzohub visually integrates audiences on a larger scale than traditional events, amplifying the energy with thousands of attendees participating simultaneously.

Tanzohub Platform

The Tanzohub platform consists of two core components:

Tanzohub Studio

Organizers use this production software to manage live events and audience integration. Producers can overlay real-time audience video feeds into different scenes, enhancing control over interactions.

Tanzohub App

The mobile app transforms attendees’ videos into avatars, offering interactive features like gestures, emotions, and dances for an engaging experience.

Use Cases

Tanzohub unlocks possibilities across various live events:
  • Concerts and Festivals: Attendees virtually participate as animated avatars, interacting with performers and other fans.
  • Speeches and Presentations: Keynote speakers were present to visualize audiences, garnering real-time reactions.
  • Dance and Theater: Performers choreograph interactive routines, integrating remote attendees into visual scenes.
  • Fitness and Classes: Instructors lead live workouts, classes, and training sessions with remote participants.
  • Weddings and Events: Virtual attendees can share special moments and celebrate together with attending friends and family.
  • Gaming and eSports: Gamers are projected into eSports arenas, creating an immersive viewing experience.

Company Overview

Founded in 2018 by digital media pioneers Mark Zviman and Alan Dai, Tanzohub received $7 million in Seed funding in 2019. Based in Mountain View, CA, the company has over 50 employees dedicated to transforming live events.

Product Rollout

Tanzohub, launched in Q1 2020, has hosted over 10,000 global events with 250,000 remote attendees. The platform continues to evolve, with the company opening its SDK and APIs to developers in 2019.

Customer Success Stories

Early adopters have produced remarkable interactive events on Tanzohub:
  • Travis Scott Fortnite Concert: Over 12 million attendees experienced an epic participatory concert.
  • Einstein On Stage: An interactive comedy show amplified COVID vaccination awareness.
  • Proximity Dance Interactive: Dance company productions allowed remote audiences to control lighting and visual effects.

Future Roadmap

Tanzohub’s ambitious plans include:
  • Enhanced social features for attendee interaction.
  • Built-in streaming integration for interactive broadcasts.
  • Shared metaverse environments for exploration.
  • Augmented reality functionality for physical venue integration.
  • Expanded animation options and a Tanzohub Marketplace.


Tanzohub represents a paradigm shift in audience participation, transforming passive viewers into active contributors. As the platform continues to innovate, the possibilities for revolutionizing live events are limitless, providing tools to shatter the fourth wall and put the energy of participatory live productions in the hands of users.


FAQs About Tanzohub

What is Tanzohub?

  • Tanzohub is an interactive live event platform visually integrating remote attendees into performances using real-time animated avatars.

How does Tanzohub work?

  • Attendees use the Tanzohub app to capture videos transformed into animated avatars in real-time. Organizers use the Tanzohub Studio to composite audience feeds into live productions and control interactivity.

What can you do at Tanzohub as an attendee?

  • Attendees can clap, dance, emote, chat, earn points, and interact with the performance and other participants, making them an integral part of the event.

What types of events work with Tanzohub?

  • All live events and performances, including concerts, theater, dance, comedy, esports, conferences, and more, can become interactive with Tanzohub.

How is Tanzohub different from virtual events platforms?

  • Tanzohub is designed to blend real-time remote audience participation into live in-person productions for a hybrid and enhanced experience.


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